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Icon_Guitar_30x30.png GUITAR

Beginning Guitar

Adrianne Serna

Learn to play guitar from scratch and sing some of your favorite songs with simple but powerful chords and strum patterns. Includes 24 great songs to play, with chord and lyric sheets. 

Roots and Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar

Scott Nygaard

Learn the essential techniques of roots and bluegrass rhythm guitar by playing classic and contemporary songs, with flatpicking technique tips and strums, bass runs, and fills. Includes 24 songs and 32 video lessons.

Intermediate Flatpicking Guitar

Scott Nygaard

Learn to play fiddle tunes and solos to bluegrass and roots songs, with an emphasis on developing good picking- and fretting-hand technique. Designed for guitarists just starting to play melodies as well as intermediate players who want to work on their flatpicking technique. Includes 40+ video lessons and 35 complete tunes and songs to play.

Fingerstyle Guitar

Stevie Coyle

Learn to play fingerstyle from the beginning, from traditional Travis-picking tunes to contemporary song accompaniment and more. Includes 24 complete songs and 14+ hours of instruction in 40 video lessons.

Blues Guitar

Orville Johnson

Become a complete blues player through these lessons in country blues fingerpicking, blues lead guitar, and bottleneck slide, with great technique lessons and 25 blues songs from Robert Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt, and more.

Advanced Flatpicking Guitar

Scott Nygaard

Learn the essential techniques of bluegrass flatpicking guitar through classic and lesser-known songs and tunes, from bluegrass blues to old-time fiddle tunes to country swing sounds.

Fingerstyle Blues Guitar

Orville Johnson

Learn to play fingerstyle blues, with a bottleneck slide and without, through songs from blues legends Mississippi John Hurt, Big Bill Broonzy, Lightnin' Hopkins, Tampa Red, Blind Willie Johnson, and more. Includes 32 extensive video lessons and 25 complete fingerstyle blues songs to play.

Roots of Jazz Guitar

Matt Munisteri

Learn to play the 1920s and ’30s chord melody and rhythm guitar styles of Eddie Lang, Nick Lucas, Freddie Green, Carl Kress, and other early jazz greats. With chord melody solos to popular swing melodies, advanced rhythm guitar techniques, and acoustic jazz picking techniques.

Irish Backup Guitar

Flynn Cohen

Learn to accompany jigs and reels and other traditional Irish dance tunes in the style pioneered by Irish guitar greats Paul Brady, Mícheál Ó Dhomhnaill, and Dáithí Sproule and used at Irish seisiúns. With chord voicings, rhythm patterns, and practice tracks.

Clawhammer Guitar

Steve Baughman

Learn how to use the traditional clawhammer style of old-time banjo on the guitar to play traditional dance tunes with a powerful groove or sweet contemplative melodies. With clawhammer technique exercises and great tunes to play.

Celtic Guitar

Tony McManus

Learn to play jigs, reels, airs, and other traditional forms, with tips on how to bring tunes to life with the ornamentation that defines Irish and Scottish music.

Advanced Fingerstyle Workshop

Teja Gerken

Meet 15 of the best players in the international fingerstyle community, as they demonstrate their techniques, playing styles, and signature tunes.

Weekly Guitar Workout

Scott Nygaard

This series of exercises will help guitarists learn the fingerboard and expand their knowledge of chord and scale theory, with handy tips on picking and fretting techniques. Includes 100 workouts.

Guitar Chord Theory

Mark Goldenberg

Learn guitar chord theory in-depth with Mark Goldenberg, one of the most respected touring and session guitarists around and a student of the legendary Ted Greene. You'll explore basic major and minor chord inversions all over the neck and on all string sets, as well as wide-triad voicings; harmonized major scales; major, minor, and dominant seventh-chord voicings; and more.

Icon_Dobro_30x30.png DOBRO

Beginning Dobro

Mike Witcher

Learn the basics of the lap-style resophonic slide guitar, with essential tips on right- and left-hand technique as well as arrangements of classic tunes and songs. Includes 15 complete songs, 24 lessons, and 48 videos.

Dobro Workshop

Mike Witcher

Explore a variety of dobro styles, from bluegrass and fiddle tunes to blues and contemporary sounds, and get insights on technique that will help you clean up your playing, while learning the techniques of Jerry Douglas, Josh Graves, and other dobro greats. Includes 32 songs and tunes to play and 12 hours of instruction in 50 video lessons.

Icon_Uke_30x30.png UKULELE


Marcy Marxer

Start playing easy versions of your favorite songs on the ukulele today. You’ll learn the basics, like strumming, first-position chords, and keeping solid time, all while playing a variety of songs. Then move on to more intermediate-level techniques with more fun songs to play. Includes 42 video lessons and 30 songs to play.

BassIconCircle.png BASS


Zoe Guigueno

Learn to play upright bass from scratch with advice on right- and left-hand technique and in-depth lessons on playing bass patterns, scales, and melodies in most common keys. With bass lines from great roots music songs so you can play along. 

Icon_Mando_30x30.png MANDOLIN

Beginning Mandolin

Sharon Gilchrist

Get started off right on the mandolin, with basic techniques, scales and chords, and simple and popular bluegrass and old-time tunes to play. Includes 14 complete tunes, downloadable Play-Along audio practice tracks for rhythm and melody on all tunes, advice on embellishing melodies and playing tremolo, and more than 9 hours of video instruction in 80+ videos.

Theory for Mandolin and Fiddle

Chad Manning

Learn the basics of music theory as it relates to four-string instruments tuned in fifths. Chad’s practical approach will deepen your knowledge of chords, scales, and arpeggios, and help you integrate them into your playing.

Bluegrass Mandolin Fingerboard Method – NEW COURSE!

Sharon Gilchrist

Learn to play solos to any bluegrass song in any key with Sharon's method for learning the fingerboard, based on arpeggios, chop-chord shapes, and double stops.

Bluegrass Mandolin Jam Favorites

Joe K. Walsh

Learn the essential instrumental  tunes you’ll encounter at bluegrass jam sessions everywhere. Designed for intermediate level mandolinists, with tunes, techniques, and solos from mandolin greats. 

Intermediate Bluegrass Mandolin

Sharon Gilchrist

Learn to play solos on classic bluegrass songs and instrumentals using bluegrass mandolin techniques like tremolo, double stops, two-string melodies, and more.

Monroe-Style Mandolin

Mike Compton

Learn traditional bluegrass-style mandolin as exemplified by the father of bluegrass, Bill Monroe, with original solos and tips on reproducing Monroe’s sound, rhythm, and feel.

Melodic Mandolin Tunes

John Reischman

Learn great traditional and original tunes in a variety of styles—old-time, bluegrass, Latin, jazz, and more—from a modern mandolin master.

The Advancing Mandolinist

Joe K. Walsh

Explore all the modern mandolin techniques, from tremolo, chords and double stops, and soloing and improvisation tips, with plenty of bluegrass, old-time, and swing tunes to keep you moving forward.

Irish Mandolin

Marla Fibish

Learn traditional Irish mandolin, with an emphasis on playing the dance music of Ireland with an authentic Irish feel and rhythm.

Chord Melody Mandolin

Aaron Weinstein

Learn how to combine chords and melody to play jazz standards in the style pioneered by jazz mandolinist Jethro Burns and guitarists like Joe Pass and Bucky Pizzarelli.

Icon_Banjo_30x30.png BANJO

Beginning Banjo

Bill Evans

The driving sound of the banjo is at the heart of many styles of roots music. Get started with basic chords, strums, and fingerings, along with simple bluegrass rolls, clawhammer style, and more. Includes 28 complete songs and tunes to play and 13 hours of instruction in 40+ video lessons.

Bluegrass Banjo

Bill Evans

Learn to make your banjo drive the band or play sweet melodies, with solos to well-known songs and tunes, backup techniques, classic licks from the masters, and more.

Clawhammer Banjo

Evie Ladin

Learn old-time clawhammer banjo from the beginning, with basic clawhammer technique exercises and lots of great old-time and traditional songs to play.

The Banjo According to Danny Barnes

Danny Barnes

Roots music iconoclast Danny Barnes reveals his systematic approach to the banjo, with one-of-a-kind insights on improvisation, reading music, getting a good sound out of the banjo, rhythm and timing, and more.

Wade Ward–Style Banjo

Bruce Molsky

Learn the tunes and techniques of one of the legends of old-time clawhammer banjo, Wade Ward, taught by one of the icons of contemporary old-time music. Includes 11 complete tunes as played by Wade Ward.

Contemporary Bluegrass Banjo - NEW COURSE!

Wes Corbett

Learn the style of contemporary three-finger banjo used by Béla Fleck, Noam Pikelny, Ron Block, and others. With lessons on single-string and melodic style, fingerboard theory, improvisation, and more. For intermediate to advanced players.

Icon_Fiddle_30x30.png FIDDLE

Beginning/Intermediate Fiddle

Chad Manning

Learn basic fiddle techniques by learning popular tunes, with lots of technique tips and advice on how to get that fiddley sound.

Old-Time Fiddle

Bruce Molsky

Get deep into the roots of Southern Appalachian old-time fiddling. Bruce breaks down the melody, bowing patterns, rhythms, and embellishments of each tune so you can really learn to play like Bruce and the old masters he learned from.

Bluegrass Fiddle

Chad Manning

Learn fiddle in the style of Kenny Baker, Stuart Duncan, and other bluegrass greats by learning classic tunes, with improvisation exercises and advanced techniques.

Irish Fiddle

Dale Russ

Learn traditional Irish fiddle, with an emphasis on playing the dance music of Ireland, including jigs, reels, polkas, slip jigs, hornpipes, and more, with an Irish feel and ornamentation.

Fiddle Styles Workshop

Brittany Haas

Meet some of the best fiddlers on the planet and learn their favorite tunes in these intimate workshops that get to the root of a host of individual fiddle styles. Includes 24 complete tunes and transcriptions.

Theory for Mandolin and Fiddle

Chad Manning

Learn the basics of music theory as it relates to four-string instruments tuned in fifths. Chad’s practical approach will deepen your knowledge of chords, scales, and arpeggios, and help you integrate them into your playing.

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Nov 24, 2020
A great mandolin duet of Sarah Jarosz’s original tune, recorded live at the Marshall Mandolin Summit.