D A D G A D Tuning

From: Celtic Guitar by Tony McManus

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D A D G A D Examples

D A D G A D tuning is associated with Celtic guitar more than any other tuning. In this lesson, Tony talks about how the tuning originated, how to get into D A D G A D, and what you can do with it. Tony uses D A D G A D to play jigs, reels, airs, etc., and he demonstrates how the whole step between the second string A and third string G makes it easy to play melodies across the strings, for a harp-like sound. He shows you a D major scale played in such a way that no string is played twice in a row: every note of the scale rings into the next note. He even shows you how you can play a Bb major scale in the same way.

Tags: Guitar, Celtic
Category: String School

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