Four-Note Arpeggios, Week One

From: Weekly Guitar Workout by Scott Nygaard

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Four-Note Arpeggios, Week 1

This series of workouts consists of four-note arpeggios based on the harmonized major scale. You'll move through a series of arpeggios starting on each note of the major scale, in this case all in the key of G. So, for example, the first arpeggio starts on G, moves up a third to B, up another third to D, and up another third to F#, creating a Gmaj7 arpeggio in the process. The second arpeggio starts on A, moves up a third to C, up another third to E, and up another third to G, for an Am7 arpeggio. Notice that all the notes are in the key of G, so you'll get the four-note arpeggios that correspond to the harmonized major scale: Gmaj7, Am7, Bm7, Cmaj7, D7, Em7, and F#m7b5. Once you get to the top string, you'll move downward in thirds once again, but this time the arpeggios start on the seventh of the chord formed by the arpeggio. So, for example, the arpeggio starting on G moves down a third to E, down another third to C, and down another third to A, giving you an Am7 arpeggio that begins on the seventh (G) and moves downward to the root (A).

Week One's workout sticks to open position, beginning on the G on the low E string and moving up to the G on the high E string and using ascending arpeggios as it moves up the scale and descending arpeggios as it moves back down the scale.

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