Accented Strums, Part 1

From: Ukulele by Marcy Marxer

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Lyrics & Chords

"If I Had a Hammer"

In this lesson, you’ll learn to accent strums to give a song a bouncy rhythm, using the folk classic “If I Had a Hammer.” You’ll learn a new way to finger the basic C and F chords that will allow you to play a fun intro to the song that switches between the C and F chords quickly. You’ll also learn a quick-changing chord pattern (C, G, F, G) that you can use for most of the verse, along with an accented strum pattern:

C                         G                         F            G 

Down Down-Up, Down Down-Up, Down _ Up, ­_ Up Down

And Marcy gives you lots of time to practice this pattern along with her.

Category: String School

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