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Shubb Capos | Väsen, Mike Marshall, and Darol Anger | “Egypt”

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Exclusive video of the supergroup playing Mike Marshall’s tune “Egypt” live at Wintergrass 2018.

by Shubb Capos
August 02, 2018

One of the highlights of this year’s Wintergrass, the 25th Anniversay of the popular bluegrass festival, was the collaboration between the Swedish trio Väsen with mandolin master Mike Marshall and fiddle virtuoso Darol Anger. They were clearly having as much fun playing together as the crowd was having witnessing the fireworks.

Shubb Capos was on hand for the weekend, and captured video of this and many other moments during the festival. In this video, the band plays the Mike Marshall tune “Egypt,” which the contingent recorded in 2007 as part of their self-titled album.

Väsen is Roger Tallroth (a Shubb Capos endorser) on 12-string guitar, Olav Johansson on nyckelharpa, and Mikael Marin on viola.

Learn more about Mike Marshall and Darol Anger.


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