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The great violin and mandolin duo took over our Facebook feed recently to play a few tunes and talk about their fine new album, “Curios.”

by Dan Gabel
June 30, 2020

Scroggins & Rose took over our Facebook feed a bit ago to play a few tunes and to talk about their brand new album, Curios

Tristan Scroggins played some fancy cross-picking arrangements from New Mexico and Alisa Rose played some Piazzolla and Bach from Oakland, and talked about playing percussive elements on the violin, and they showed a few videos that they made during lockdown, focusing on tunes from the new album. 

Take a look, and if you feel like donating a bit to the artists, we have a virtual tip jar for Tristan and Alisa, and you can contribute to that at any time! 


Master instrumentalists Tristan Scroggins and Alisa Rose provide a touchstone for experiencing the world in the moment. Scroggins, a mandolinist and second generation bluegrass virtuoso, and Rose, a Grammy-nominated violinist, create an inviting musical atmosphere with their thoughtful, conversational arrangements and startling dynamic and emotional range. The listener is taken on a journey away from the familiar as the duo embark on adventurous improvisations that traverse the convergence of bluegrass and classical genres. The playful spontaneity of their improvising energizes performers and listeners alike, connecting them to each passing moment. Scroggins & Rose use their technical expertise and expansive knowledge of traditional music to put on world-class performances of highly nuanced and melodic tunes. With two separate lifetimes of dedication to craft, authenticity, and their individual instruments, Scroggins & Rose forge their own path which breathes new life into old traditions. 

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