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National expert Marc Schoenberger shows and discusses one of the earliest National guitars, built in 1926.

by Teja Gerken
August 11, 2016

Metal-bodied National resonator guitars are among the most iconic and unique sounding stringed instruments ever made. Originally built in various configurations from 1926 to 1941, the instruments also provided the platform for the modern wooden-body dobro guitar. Today, the National Reso-Phonic company continues the legacy, building high-quality reissues of vintage models as well as contemporary creations of various resophonic guitar designs.

In this video, vintage National expert Marc Schoenberger (who runs nationalrepairs.com) shows and discusses the second National guitar to ever be built, a square-neck Tricone prototype completed by John and Rudy Dopyera in 1926.

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Posted by Barron Clarke on
They did use anything they could get. I have repaired many vintage instruments and found a few Dobros with very faint advertising on the inside back of the guitar. These guitars were made close to or during the Depression so its understandable they used what they could find.
Barron Clarke Australia.
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