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D’Addario NS Micro Universal and Clip-On Headstock Tuners

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D’Addario introduces two new tuners.

by Teja Gerken
March 04, 2015

D’Addario began offering electronic tuners as part of its Planet Waves division several years ago, and the company now makes a wide range of models. At January’s NAMM show, D’Addario introduced several updated designs, and we had a chance to check out the new NS Micro Universal and Clip-On Headstock tuner.

The NS Micro Universal is based on the wildly popular NS Micro tuner, but instead of the NS Micro’s miniature ratchet-mechanism clamp, the tuner (which is identical to the standard NS Micro) has a more traditional spring-loaded clamp with soft padding. This clamp allows you to mount the tuner to a wider variety of instrument parts, such as very thick or thin headstocks, headstocks with pronounced volutes or unusual shapes, etc., than the NS Micro’s clamp. The tuner itself is chromatic, can be recalibrated, has a multicolor display that can be reversed for use on the front or back of the headstock, and even includes a built-in visual metronome.

The Clip-On Headstock tuner is an updated version of Planet Waves’ original Headstock tuner. Featuring one of the largest displays of any clip-on tuner, the unit is highly visible, even in poor light or with less than ideal eyesight. The display has a flip-up design that makes the tuner less visible when not in use, and a “reverse” mode that allows it to be used on the back of the headstock if so desired. The Clip-On Headstock tuner is chromatic, can be recalibrated, and rotates on its padded clamp for easy positioning.

SPECS: NS Micro Universal Tuner, $37.95 list/ $16 street. Clip-On Headstock Tuner, $44.95 list/$30 street.

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Posted by TejaGerken on
Hello Peter,
That's Erik Satie's "Gymnopedie No. 1." It's a fun piece to play on steel-strings!
Teja Gerken
Posted by Peter Heintz on
What was the name of that tune that Teja was playing? I've been in search of the name seemingly forever!
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