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Scroggins and Rose: “Grana”

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Tristan Scroggins and Alisa Rose play “Grana,” the title song from their new album of violin and mandolin duets exploring bluegrass and classical improvisation.

by Dan Gabel
May 19, 2017

Violinist Alisa Rose and mandolinist Tristan Scroggins are each seasoned performers and composers, and together have formed a violin and mandolin duo that explores bluegrass and classical themes. Their first album, Grana, includes six original tunes and seven improvisations on traditional and classical melodies.

While gearing up for their album release tour on the West Coast, Alisa and Tristan stopped by the Peghead Nation studio and played the title track from the new album.

To order Grana and to learn more about Scroggins and Rose, click here.

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Posted by Vinnie Kelley on
This is a wonderful example of 2 musicians who love the music they are playing so much that they created something unique and special. As Fats Waller said before one of his great improves..."You never heard this by Tchaikovsky. "You never heard this by Rimsky Korsakoff. They didn't know any better.
Posted by Glynis Seiderer on
Delightful. Love the interplay of the two instruments.
Posted by Peter Langston on
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