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Joe K. Walsh and Scott Nygaard: “Watson’s Blues”

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Peghead Nation mandolin and guitar instructors play a tune that Bill Monroe wrote and named after one of his favorite guitarists, Doc Watson.

by Dan Gabel
March 29, 2018

Joe K. Walsh was in the Peghead Nation studio recently, recording lessons for his new Bluegrass Mandolin Jam Favorites course. During the shoot, Joe and Peghead Nation co-founder and guitar instructor Scott Nygaard played a great version of the Bill Monroe tune,“Watson’s Blues.” As Bill tells the story, he came up with the tune during a tour that he and Doc Watson were on, and Doc contributed the signature guitar lick that occurs throughout the tune.

Learn mandolin with Joe in The Advancing Mandolinist and in his new course, Bluegrass Mandolin Jam Favorites.

Study guitar with Scott Nygaard in his courses Roots and Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar, Intermediate Flatpicking Guitar, Flatpicking Guitar, and Weekly Guitar Workout.

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Posted by Marc MacGlashan on
Posted by Greg Rohrer on
Any chance of you guys doing a cd together? Just guitar and mandolin. I think it would be awesome! Thanks for the videos. Greg
Posted by kalraajay@hotmail.com on
Wow, this is one we need in both Walsh's and Nygaard's courses, with a focus on how to improvise, as both do beautifully here.
Posted by Bruce Morgen on
This tune seems to share its melody with Monroe's "You'll Find Her Name Written There," the key and the Watson guitar lick being the most obvious differences. https://youtu.be/ubV9Cvd-mrU
Posted by andrewmerliss@msn.com on
Joe and Scott, that was wonderful!! Thank you for sharing it. Andy
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