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John Reischman, Sharon Gilchrist, and Scott Nygaard: “Midnight on the Water”

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A beautiful performance of the bluegrass classic from the string trio, Harmonic Tone Revealers.

by Dan Gabel
July 09, 2020

Peghead Nation instructors Sharon Gilchrist and Scott Nygaard, along with mandolin master John Reischman, have released an album of traditional instrumentals in 2015: The Harmonic Tone Revealers. In this video, recorded in the Peghead Nation studio, they perform the gorgeous waltz “Midnight on the Water,” which was written by Luke Thomasson, father of Texas fiddle legend Benny Thomasson, and is featured on their new album. johnreischman.com, sharongilchristmusic.com, scottnygaard.com

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To learn mandolin with John, check out his Melodic Mandolin Tunes course. 

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Comments and Discussion

Posted by Elissa@ElissaAltman.com on
So lovely -
Posted by Scottnyg on
This was a spontaneous performance, thus there isn't really any tab for it. But we will think about teaching it in our courses. Glad you liked it. Thanks.
Posted by TejaGerken on
The microphones used in this recording are Neumann KM-184's on the mandola and the mandolin, a Rode NT-5 on the guitar, and an Audio-Technica AT2020 in the room (off camera), more or less centered, a couple of feet in front of and above Scott.
Posted by Peter Collins on
Would love to have the Guitar and mandolin Tabs for this tune.
Posted by jfabrams@atlanticbb.net on
Beautiful playing by all. Who made John's mandola?
Posted by Max Maksimik on
Beautiful playing! Great tune and nice recording. Would be interested in knowing what mics are used for guiter and mandolin as I am looking for a condenser.
Posted by Scottnyg on
"Midnight on the Water" is in D. The guitar is in dropped-D tuning.
--Scott Nygaard
Posted by DJ Koehn on
What key are they playing in? Lovely.
Posted by Wayne Hosick on
Beautiful ! Just beautiful.
Posted by anne.delayat@yahoo.fr on
Thanks for this present, I love this waltz, my favorite waltz, great musicians too, what more could one say about this ?
Posted by Dave LaBoone on
I heard it as stated: Sharon on mandolin and John on mandola.
Posted by Scottnyg on
John is definitely playing the mandola and Sharon the mandolin.
--Scott Nygaard, Co-Founder and Editor, Peghead Nation
Posted by Timothy Sweeney on
Posted by Lewin Barringer on
Very very nice! Hello Sharon! Hope you're well!

Posted by ALISTER RAE on
Lovely playing folks, thanks for sharing.
Posted by Bill Lewis on
It's pretty obvious that Mr.Reischman is playing the Mandolin And Ms.Gilchrist is on Mandola.
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