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John Reischman and Scott Nygaard: “In the Pines”

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Two revealers of harmonic tone play a bluegrass classic.

by Dan Gabel
April 29, 2020

John Reischman and Scott Nygaard have each produced a lot of influential music over the years, and together, they treated us all to the 2015 album Harmonic Tone Revealers, with their fellow Peghead Nation instructor Sharon Gilchrist. That aptly named outing is a virtuosic showcase of the tone and taste that they’re all well-known for, so be sure to give that record a spin or two

John was recently in the Peghead Nation studio recording lessons for his popular Melodic Mandolin Tunes course, and took a moment to play the bluegrass classic “In the Pines” with his fellow Revealer. Scott teaches this tune in his Intermediate Flatpicking Guitar course, so jump in there to add this song to your repertoire. 

To learn mandolin from John, enroll in his Peghead Nation Melodic Mandolin Tunes course today!

And to learn guitar from Scott, enroll in his Peghead Nation courses, including Advanced Flatpicking Guitar, Intermediate Flatpicking Guitar, Roots and Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar, and Weekly Guitar Workout.  

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Jul 01, 2020
The songwriter and multi-instrumentalist performs an original song live in the Martin Museum, on a 1942 Martin D-45.

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