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Joe K. Walsh and Brittany Karlson: “When It’s Over”

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Peghead Nation mandolin instructor plays a beautiful tune he recently wrote for the “Top Shelf Sheffield” video series.

by Dan Gabel
May 06, 2020

Joe K. Walsh recently wrote the beautiful tune “When It’s Over” and then did a socially distanced video session with bassist Brittany Karlson for the video series ”Top Shelf Sheffield,” a collection of debut videos recorded by artists as part of a global virtual house concert. Joe is playing his Lawrence Smart A-Style Mandola, which Joe demonstrated for Peghead Nation a bit ago. 

Joe was kind enough to write notation and tab for the tune (see below), and we encourage you to learn it so we can all play it together when, appropriately, this is all over. And in the meantime, share your versions with us on Instagram and Facebook (tag Joe K. Walsh and Peghead Nation!). 

A note from Joe about the transcriptions: “I’ve written the chords and basic melody out on the PDF with mandolin tab. I think you'll find this to be pretty easily playable on the mandolin. I wrote this on the mandola, though, and playing it on that instrument allows some beautiful doublestops that aren't possible on the mandolin. If you check out the PDF with the mandola tab, you’ll find a few suggestions for doublestops and chord voicings that seem pretty doable. If you don't have a mandola but do have an octave mandolin, you can capo on the fifth fret to get the same register/voicings, and of course, if you want to play it with the doublestops on the mandolin, you can transpose the whole tune up a fifth and play it in the key of D, which would allow you to read the melody exactly as written in the tab for the mandola version. Okay! Thanks for giving it a look. Stay safe!”

Learn mandolin with Joe in The Advancing Mandolinist and in Bluegrass Mandolin Jam Favorites.

 “When It’s Over” Notation and Tab

When It's Over w_ mandolin tab Joe K Walsh - Score.pdf

When It's Over w_ mandola tab Joe K Walsh - Score.pdf

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