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Teja Gerken, Doug Young, Marla Fibish, and Bruce Victor: “Here Comes the Sun”

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An acoustic quartet arrangement of the Beatles classic.

by Dan Gabel
August 25, 2020

The Beatles classic “Here Comes the Sun” is often played on a guitar that’s capoed up high, at the seventh fret, in order to sound like the original recording. But when Peghead Nation co-founder Teja Gerken and San Francisco Bay Area fingerstyle guitarist Doug Young were coming up with tunes to include on their Duets album, they discovered that combining a low-tuned baritone guitar (built by luthier Mario DeSio, and played by Teja, tuned AEADF#B) with a Tony Yamamoto high-tuned miniature 12-string (played by Doug, and tuned GDGCDG), had a similar effect, while also expanding the range of two standard guitars.

Last fall, Teja and Doug were on a double-bill with Noctambule, a duet featuring Peghead Nation’s Irish Mandolin instructor Marla Fibish and her husband, Bruce Victor. When looking for an encore they would all play together, they chose “Here Comes the Sun” and everyone enjoyed the moment. The two duos are, of course, unable to play more shows together right now due to COVID-19, but they have joined in this new socially-distant video of the classic song. Teja and Doug each recorded their videos in their own home studios, playing the parts as they played them on the Duets album. They invited Marla and Bruce to record additional parts at their home, with Marla playing her 1922 Gibson A mandolin and Bruce playing a Fylde ten-string Cittern tuned to DAEAE. The resulting sound is big and playful.

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