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Bruce Molsky: “Red Rocking Chair”

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Peghead Nation Old-Time Fiddle instructor plays and sings a traditional favorite.

by Dan Gabel
July 29, 2019

Peghead Nation Old-Time Fiddle and Wade Ward-Style Banjo instructor Bruce Molsky was in the studio recently, recording several lessons, including one on playing accompaniment on the fiddle while singing. To demonstrate, Bruce played and sang the old-time favorite “Red Rocking Chair,” which he also recorded on his 2016 CD and DVD package Can’t Stay Here This a’ Way (Old-Time Tiki Parlour)

Bruce’s version of the tune is a combination of a fiddle version by Norman Edmonds and lyrics culled from different sources, and he teaches this version in his Old-Time Fiddle course on Peghead Nation. 

Learn Old-Time Fiddle or Wade Ward-Style Banjo with Bruce on Peghead Nation!

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Posted by John Roberts on
I have often wondered why a lot of "old time" fiddle players sound off pitch. As a result, many notes have a "squawky" tone to them, sort of like a chicken.

Is this the goal, or can't they hear the pitch, or is it something else?

I will probably get a lot of flack for this comment, because Molsky is considered to be a type of "national treasure".
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Aug 13, 2019
The songwriter plays an original from his new album “Texas,” live in the LR Baggs studio in Nashville.

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