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Zoe Guigueno: “Wastin’ Time”

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Peghead Nation’s bass instructor plays a solo version of the popular Ron Sexsmith song.

by Dan Gabel
March 10, 2020

Zoe Guigueno is a bassist, singer, and songwriter known for her playing with Joy Kills Sorrow and the Grammy-nominated string band Della Mae. She plays with the Klezmer/Yiddish group Tsibele, the string-pop quartet Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards, and her own ensemble. She has also toured with fellow Peghead Nation instructors Joe K. Walsh and Wes Corbett. 

Last fall, Peghead Nation launched Bass with Zoe Guigueno, in which Zoe teaches you to play upright bass from scratch with advice on right- and left-hand technique and in-depth lessons on playing bass patterns, scales, and melodies in most common keys. 

While she was in the studio recording lessons for her Bass course, Zoe played this version of the Ron Sexsmith ballad “Wastin’ Time.”

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