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Brittany Haas and Bruce Molsky: “John Brown’s Dream”

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Two Peghead Nation fiddle instructors play an old-time favorite during the Green Mountain Bluegrass and Roots Festival.

by Dan Gabel
July 29, 2020

Peghead Nation’s Fiddle Styles Workshop instructor Brittany Haas and our Old-Time Fiddle instructor Bruce Molsky crossed paths at the 2019 Green Mountain Bluegrass and Roots Festival in Manchester, Vermont. The talented folks from Beehive Productions were on hand and recorded Brittany and Bruce playing the four-part old-time tune “John Brown’s Dream” (and others). Bruce teaches this tune in his Old-Time Fiddle course, and his arrangement is largely influenced by Tommy Jarrell, with a lot of the rhythmic syncopation and bluesy pulse characteristic of the Round Peak fiddling tradition. It is always a pleasure to hear Brittany and Bruce play together. 

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