Old-Time Blues with Suzy Thompson, Part 1: Brittany and Suzy Play Old-Time Tunes

From: Fiddle Styles Workshop by Brittany Haas

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Suzy Thompson.jpgSuzy Thompson is a master of old-time, blues, and Cajun-style fiddling, as well as one of the most powerful old-time blues singers you’ll ever hear (ericandsuzy.com). Appropriately, while her fiddling is indebted to the old-time masters that she heard on field recordings and 78s, her playing has a distinctive “singing” quality and subtle groove. In this lesson, she teaches Arthur Smith’s “Dickson County Blues” and how to use slides to give it a slinky feel. But first she and Brittany get comfortable in Part 1 by playing a couple of old-time favorites: “Lost Girl” and “Billy in the Lowground.”

Category: String School

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