The Right-Hand Stuff, Part 2: The 1 2 1 5 Roll

From: The Banjo According to Danny Barnes by Danny Barnes

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Danny talks about the other roll he thinks is important to practice and have in your repertoire, the 1 2 1 5 roll. The 1 2 1 5 roll allows you to move a melody up and down the banjo neck on the first string. Danny shows you how to do that on a tune like Alan Munde’s “Deputy Dalton” and how to practice the 1 2 1 5 roll with a metronome. He also shows you a variation that moves the middle-index finger alternation to the second and third strings (2 3 2 5) and third and second strings (3 4 3 5).


Tags: Banjo, Technique
Category: String School

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