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Preston Thompson Guitars | Sinker Mahogany Series

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A new series of seven Preston Thompson guitars to be made from sinker mahogany salvaged in Belize.

by Thompson Guitars
December 01, 2017

Thompson.sinkermahog.shon_1101_005.jpgFor decades, mahogany has produced some of the finest sounding guitars. This tonewood is often described as having a fundamental tone, which means it produces a well-rounded bass, sparkling treble, and powerful mid-range. Mahogany is perfectly suited for almost any musical style – flatpickers and fingerpickers choose mahogany back and sides with an Adriondack top for immediacy of the sound and directness of the tone.

Here at Thompson Guitars we use several types of mahogany: Honduran, Sinker, and Cuban Mahogany.

Our standard mahogany is Honduran mahogany, known for its balance, volume, and articulation of tone. It is clear, direct and powerful.

Cuban mahogany is a rich looking wood that can have some beautiful striping and wave in the grain, like the set pictured below. Because most Cuban is more dense and harder than Honduran mahogany, guitars with Cuban back and sides tend to have a tonal range approaching that of Rosewood instruments. Cuban mahogany guitars still have the clarity and high-end thaThompson.sinkermahog.3.IMG_8301-e1511297687378.jpgt is typical of Honduran, but they also have more overtones and warmth in the bass and mid-range notes.

We have recently purchased a few exceptional sets of Sinker mahogany. These sets are river-salvaged sinker genuine Belize mahogany. The old growth mahogany trees were cut down during the 19th century when the British used Belize rivers as their main source of transportation, and from time to time some of the cut logs sank into the tributaries. Using small boats and pulleys and local labor, the trees were pulled from the water, milled, and kiln dried in Belize. We recently ordered seven beautiful sinker sets and, as you can see by the photos, the grain is very distinctive and looks like the finest old mahogany used to make furniture in the 1800s. We will be using these sets to make several special guitars for our Sinker Series.

These sets of old growth mahogany were under water for so long that some mineral content penetrated the wood. This changes the mahogany to become slightly heavier and harder. Some of the tonal descriptions for Cuban mahogany may be applied to the sinker mahogany. The complexity and overtones for sinker mahogany may contribute to a guitar with wonderful clarity with added warmth and fullness as well.

Thompson.sinkermahog.2.IMG_8182-e1511218084952-768x1024.jpgOut of the seven sets of sinker, we know for sure one Dreadnought with be adorned with a beautiful shell Thompson.herringbone.P1090755.jpgherringbone top trim made out of agoya shell. This special herringbone appointment will provide a one-of-a-kind look that you don't see in the marketplace. We will also combine a sinker set with a Tunnel 13 redwood top and a classic abalone rosette.

In the coming month we will outline the seven Sinker guitar specs and these guitars will be available for Pre-Sale. Email us at to find out more information and to see all seven sets of Sinker Mahogany.


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