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Sharon Gilchrist Talks Mandolin

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Our Beginning Mandolin and Intermediate Bluegrass Mandolin instructor played a few tunes and answered questions from her students on Facebook Live, and here's the whole video.

by Dan Gabel
August 29, 2018

We recently held a Facebook Live session with Peghead Nation’s Beginning Mandolin and Intermediate Bluegrass Mandolin instructor Sharon Gilchrist, who played a few tunes and answered questions from her students. In case you missed it or just want a refresher on all the great advice Sharon gave during our half-hour chat, here is the entire video.

As you’ll see, Sharon talks about how and when to jump into jams as a beginner, how to reduce string buzz on the A string (and others), how to increase playing speed, how to reduce tension in the left hand, and much more. She touched on some of the big concepts that she addresses in her courses, and gave some really good, detailed tips on how to progress on the mandolin.

To learn mandolin with Sharon, join her Beginning Mandolin or Intermediate Bluegrass Mandolin courses.

And be sure to follow Peghead Nation’s Facebook page to learn about upcoming Facebook Live events. 

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