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Join Bill Evans’ Facebook Live Workshop | Saturday, May 2 | Understanding Melodic Style Bluegrass Banjo

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Join our Beginning Banjo and Bluegrass Banjo instructor for a banjo workshop on Facebook Live on Saturday, May 2 at 11am Pacific Time!

by Dan Gabel
April 28, 2020

2020.5 Bill Evans Workshop copy.pngPlease join our Beginning Banjo and Bluegrass Banjo instructor Bill Evans on Saturday, May 2, from 12 to 1:15 PM Mountain Time / 11 AM - 12:15 PM Pacific Time for Bill’s Facebook Live Workshop on Understanding Melodic Style Bluegrass Banjo

Bill Keith, Bobby Thompson, and other players began to develop techniques in the early 1960s that enabled bluegrass banjo players to play scales but still hit a different string with each successive note played on the banjo. Melodic style is a powerful addition to your bluegrass banjo playing and enables you to play everything from fiddle tunes to J. S. Bach, not to mention a world of licks that you can add to spice up a Scruggs-style solo. We’ll review how to play (and finger) scales in melodic style in both down- and up-the-neck positions as well as explore melodic style in a variety of keys. Along the way, we’ll learn a handful of tunes too! Tabs provided below for everything that we’ll cover in the workshop. 

This workshop is free but your tips are appreciated! 25% of all proceeds from this workshop will be donated to the Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse. You can make your donation to Bill’s Tip Jar or through his website, links to both are below.

Head to Bill Evans’ Facebook page and be a part of this great event:

Be sure to follow Bill Evans and Peghead Nation on Facebook for event updates. 

Download the tab for the event here:

Melodic Exercises.BillEvans2020.5.2FBWorkshop.pdf

Devil's DreamBillEvans2020.5.2FBWorkshop.pdf

St. Anne's Reel.BillEvans2020.5.2FBWorkshop.pdf

Girl I Left Behind Me.BillEvans2020.5.2FBWorkshop.pdf

Squirrel Hunters (key of A).BillEvans2020.5.2FBWorkshop.pdf

Soldier's Joy (key of C, melodic style).BillEvans2020.5.2FBWorkshop.pdf

Melodic Ascending & Descending Patterns.BillEvans2020.5.2FBWorkshop.pdf

Banjo Cascade.BillEvans2020.5.2FBWorkshop.pdf

Katy Hill.BillEvans2020.5.2FBWorkshop FB Live workshop.pdf

We have a virtual tip jar out for Bill, and you can contribute to that at any time! The tips go to Bill, and Bill is donating 25% to the Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse in Berkeley, California.

Or donate directly to Bill through his website at

And sign up for Bill’s Beginning Banjo or Bluegrass Banjo course on Peghead Nation to keep learning after the workshop!


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