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Brittany Haas to Fiddle on Mt. Kilimanjaro

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Peghead Nation fiddle instructor Brittany Haas plans to climb the African peak to raise money for a good cause and to play fiddle at 19,000 feet.

by Dan Gabel
January 09, 2016

Our Fiddle Styles Workshop instructor Brittany Haas is planning to add mountain climbing (and fiddling on the peak) to her impressive list of accomplishments. In between touring with the Dave Rawlings Machine and prepping a new recording with her trio Haas Kowert Tice, Brittany will join an Escape Travels expedition to the top of Africa's highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, January 29 – February 6, 2016.

In this video, Brittany plays "Dzinomwa Muna Save" with Scott Nygaard and talks about the origins of the trip, the plan to play music at the peak with her fellow climbers/musicians, and the fund-raising effort on behalf of Kilimahweha Educational Centre from the Kilimanjaro region.

It's an impressive plan and we wish Brittany a safe, fun journey!

For more information and to donate, see the GoFundMe page for the Kilimanjaro climb.

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Posted by Stephen Rudner on
Yes The group reached the summit and played some tunes.
Posted by Mike Smith on
Has anybody heard from Brittany? Did she make the summit? I looked on Facebook and her website but didn't see anything.
Posted by Barbara Haas on
Nice to hear Darol Anger and the Republic of Strings' "Dzinomwa Muna Save" again.

For those writing the Mt. Kili tune, there is lots to think of besides going very high with the notes for the altitude.... There are 4 climate zones too! Rain Forest, Low Alpine, High Alpine and GLACIAL! Just look at the sounds you can make, from the monkeys in the rain forest to the crows foraging in the low alpine. The hot solar radiation by day in the high alpine and the freezing temps at night... and finally the GLACIAL, where you will not want to spend much time. I can't wait to hear it!
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