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Bass with Zoe Guigueno Coming Soon!

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In Peghead Nation’s first bass course, the bassist from the band Della Mae teaches you how to get started on upright bass from scratch. Sign up for email updates about the launch!

by Dan Gabel
August 16, 2019

In early September, Peghead Nation will launch our first upright bass course, Bass with Zoe Guigueno. In this new course, you'll learn to play upright bass from scratch with advice on right- and left-hand technique and in-depth lessons on playing bass patterns, scales, and melodies in most common keys. With bass lines from great roots music songs so you can play along.

Watch Zoe’s course introduction video above, and sign up below to receive email updates about the launch of her new bass course!

Zoe is the bassist in the Grammy-nominated, all-female string band Della Mae, which she joined 2015. In addition to touring the world and recording albums with that charismatic group, she is also a member of several other roots ensembles, including the New York klezmer/yiddish group Tsibele; a quartet with Peghead Nation instructor Joe K. Walsh, Della Mae’s Celia Woodsmith, and Town Mountain’s Bobby Britt; Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards and others. She was a member of the modern acoustic string band Joy Kills Sorrow, playing with Peghead Nation’s latest banjo instructor, Wes Corbett, in that influential ensemble. Zoe also writes, performs, and records her own music. 

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Please, Please, PLEASE! Include a dual lesson for both bass and mandolin players on how to play together as a bluegrass rhythm section. (How to keep the chopping instrument on the 2 and the 4.)

Thanks, Thom (Ciskoe) Pike
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