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Gilchrist Model 3 Mandolin

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Peghead Nation mandolin instructor Joe Walsh demonstrates his Gilchrist A-style Model 3.

by Teja Gerken
November 24, 2016

Built by Australia’s Steven Gilchrist, this 1993 A-style Gilchrist Model 3 is Peghead Nation mandolin instructor Joe Walsh’s primary instrument. The instrument has a carved Engelmann spruce top and maple back and sides. The top is X-braced, and the fingerboard has a radius. Walsh originally came across the instrument in a Maine music store, but lacking the funds at the time, he had to pass on the purchase. Fortunately, it came up for sale again several years later, this time in a shop in Nashville, Tennessee. “It’s a beautiful mandolin that seems to complement my style in a way that I like,” says Walsh. Gilchrist is represented in the US by Nashville’s Carter Vintage Guitars (

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Comments and Discussion

Posted by Joseph Walsh on
Hello Dave-
My strap button is screwed into the heel on the underside (when you're holding/playing the mandolin). Check out the video at 0:40, it gives a bit of perspective on where mine is. I can probably figure out how to post a video, too, if that would be helpful.
Posted by on
I wondered where you have the strap attached on your A model. I have seen buttons installed on the heal in places but would need to be sure before having one put on. Any thoughts?
Dave Levine
Posted by Joseph Walsh on
Hey Billy Packard! Nice to 'meet' ya. cool that you've had that same A style Gil that long. Maybe our paths will cross, would be fun to hear what your's sounds like.
Posted by Billy Packard on
Hey Joe Walsh! I own Gilchrist A3 #246 from the same year and boy do these two sound similar. Mine has the sunburst finish but otherwise the spec's seem the same. I had been searching for a really nice mando when Dexter Johnson called me in to his shop to see one that was waiting to be picked up by it's new owner. I ordered my mandolin in Aug. of 1992 and got it in Jan. of 1993. I love it dearly and, as you know, the sound is forever gratifying. I asked Steve G. if the differences between A's and F's was cosmetic and said "Absolutely". The variations come from all the other component that are in play. I was excited to see the post, I feel like we are Pisano, as the Italians say. (ps Blue Chips are the best by far.) Check out my web site...

Billy Packard
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