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D’Addario Accessories | Ukulele Felt Pick

The new Ukulele Felt Pick from D’Addario is more rigid than many ukulele picks, offering warm tone and increased control.

D’Addario Accessories | CinchFit Acoustic Jack Lock

The CinchFit is the fast and easy way to attach your strap to acoustic guitars that have endpin output jacks.

D’Addario | Travis Picking with Jenny Reynolds

Nashville guitarist Jenny Reynolds gives us a run down on the Travis fingerpicking style.

D’Addario Eclipse Tuner

D’Addario’s latest clip-on tuner offers great functionality at an affordable price.

D’Addario | Introduction to Blues Turnarounds

Matt Smith discusses and demonstrates several approaches to playing blues turnarounds in different keys.

D’Addario Foundation | Positive Change Through Music

Witness the transformative journey of one young man involved in D’Addario Foundation-funded music projects.

D’Addario Eclipse Tuner

The new Eclipse tuner from D’Addario and Planet Waves is accurate, fast, and works on all instruments.

Eric Bibb, “Going Down the Road Feeling Bad”

ELIXIR Strings artist Eric Bibb visited WNCW's Studio B and performed this solo version of a great American traditional song.

Vince Gill, The Six Who Made Me | D’Addario

Vince Gill talks about the six guitarists who had the biggest influence on his playing and his life.

Why Use ELIXIR® Strings

Watch a video showing how ELIXIR Strings are coated to keep tone-killing debris from reaching the surface and the core wire of your strings.

D’Addario Acoustic | The Making of Sean Watkins

Sean Watkins talks about how he got started playing acoustic music and visits That Pizza Place in San Diego, where he first played in public.

Sungha Jung Plays “Take Five”

ELIXIR Strings artist Sungha Jung plays a fingerstyle guitar arrangement of Dave Brubeck's “Take Five.”

D’Addario Core | Guitar Humidification Tips

D’Addario’s Rob Cunningham and guitar tech Doug Redler discuss how to maintain proper humidity levels for your acoustic guitar both on the road and at home.

D’Addario Core | How to Restring an Acoustic Guitar

Author and guitar tech Doug Redler gives step-by-step instructions for how to properly change strings on your acoustic guitar.

Sarah Jarosz Plays “House of Mercy”

ELIXIR Strings artist Sarah Jarosz stopped the Radio Heartland studio in Minnesota and played a set of songs from her brilliant new album “Undercurrent.”

Buddy Miller | The Six Who Made Me

D’Addario presents guitarist, songwriter, and producer Buddy Miller talking about the guitarists who influenced him and shaped his playing.

D’Addario Humiditrak

Introducing the first 24/7 instrument monitoring system. Track temperature and humidity levels with a Bluetooth sensor and free app.

D’Addario Factory Tour

Jim D’Addario shows gives a tour of the D’Addario factory and explains the process of creating great guitar strings.

Guitar Power Acoustic | Sean Watkins

D'Addario presents Sean Watkins in conversation with Jackie Greene. They talk about how Sean got started on guitar, flatpicking and hybrid picking technique, and more.

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Sep 21, 2017
Dick Boak talks about the Custom Signature Edition D-Boak dreadnought, featuring his original “Inside Out” artwork.

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