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Larrivée History | The Search For Tonewood

Larrivée Guitars founder Jean Larrivée talks about searching the globe for the best tonewood available.

Larrivée History | A Family Affair

Larrivée Guitars is a true family business, and in this video founder Jean Larrivée talks about the rich family history within the company.

Larrivée History | Experiments

Founder Jean Larrivée talks about his early experiments with aging new guitars and developing bracing patterns.

Larrivée History | Goin' to California

Founder Jean Larrivée talks about opening the Larrivée factory in California in 2001.

Larrivée History | Toronto, 1968

Founder Jean Larrivée talks about setting up his first guitar shop and quitting his job as an auto mechanic in 1968.

Larrivée History | The Beginning, 1967

Founder Jean Larrivée talks about meeting and working with his mentor, luthier Edgar Monch, in the late 60s.

Chris Hadfield on ISS, “Space Oddity” | Larrivée

The International Space Station Commander performs a revised version of David Bowie’s hit on his Larrivée Parlor.


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Jul 23, 2017
The L.A.-based songwriter plays one of his original songs from his album “Tenderheart.”

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