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Fender Acoustic 100

Compact new acoustic amp offers great sound and clever features.

Baritone Violin

Alisa Rose demonstrates her low-tuned violin, strung with Super Sensitive Sensicore Octave strings.

Bruce Sexauer FT-00-WRX SBAIC

A walnut and spruce flattop built to be given away at the 2017 Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration.

Clark GOM175 Octave Mandolin

John Mailander demonstrates his archtop guitar–inspired octave mandolin.

Taylor GS Mini-e Bass

New acoustic bass guitar offers big sounds from Taylor’s compact GS Mini body.

Fishman Rare Earth Mic Blend

Fishman’s legendary magnetic pickup/internal mic combination gets even better.

D’Addario Eclipse Tuner

D’Addario’s latest clip-on tuner offers great functionality at an affordable price.

Maggini-Copy Violin

Peghead Nation fiddle instructor Chad Manning talks about his copy of a Giovanni Paolo Maggini violin, which was once believed to be authentic.

19th-Century German Fiddle

Peghead Nation Irish Fiddle instructor demonstrates his favorite instrument and his Christopher English bow.

Iseman Weissenborn

Mike Witcher demonstrates a custom Weissenborn-style guitar.

Meet the Banjo

Peghead Nation banjo instructor Bill Evans on everything you need to know to get started with the banjo.

1914 Gibson H-1 Mandola Demo and Mini-Lesson

Peghead Nation Irish Mandolin instructor Marla Fibish demonstrates her vintage mandola and talks about her preferred tuning and some of the techniques and chord voicings she uses.

Fishman Resophonic Amplification

Mike Witcher on amplifying a dobro-style resophonic guitar using Fishman’s Nashville series pickup and Aura imaging pedal.

Kala Marcy Marxer Signature Model Uke

Peghead Nation instructor demonstrates her tenor ukulele built with acacia back and sides.

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Jun 22, 2017
The CinchFit is the fast and easy way to attach your strap to acoustic guitars that have endpin output jacks.

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